About us

Family company DART Ltd. was established in August 1992 and is one of the longest-running trade fair agencies in the Czech Republic. For more than a quarter of a century, it has gained not only a number of experience in the field of fairs and exhibitions, but also good references. The activity was profiled in two main directions:
– organization of fairs and exhibitions in the Czech Republic,
– realization of exhibitions at fairs and exhibitions abroad

The main project in the Czech Republic is the trade fair Model Hobby, the first year of which was held at the turn of October and November 1992. Other projects include the fair Tvořivý svět (Creative World in English, since 2012), the exhibition Svět orchidejí (World of orchids in English, since 2008), event Print In 3D (since 2014) and exhibition Art Salon (since 2016).

The main projects abroad were official exhibitions of the Czech Republic at the fairs CMT Stuttgart, Reisen Hamburg, Freizeit Nuremberg, Toursalon Poznan, MITT Moscow, 50+ Beurs Utrecht and Motivation Show Chicago. Furthermore, realization for private clients at the fairs Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg, Mondial Maquette Paris, or IMC La Ferté.

DART supports aviation, shipping and automotive modeling as an alternative to leisure. The company is also a publisher of Model Hobby Magazine, which has been published since 1996.